Welcome to Cool Woods Wines


Cool Woods Wines are produced in Eden Valley, part of the world-famous Barossa wine region in South Australia. 

The name Cool Woods was inspired by the rolling hills and scattered ‘big gums’ at our Eden Valley vineyard. These hills were once heavily forested with eucalypt, but settlement of the region in the mid 1800’s resulted in the clearing of large grazing properties by the early settlers. Pockets remain with some majestic trees providing a reminder of what the landscape once looked like. Some of the gums still standing on our property are over 200 years old.

The Cool Woods label is a representation of of the view from our cellar door on a typically crisp and foggy Winter morning. The old gums are the first thing that can be seen as the thick fog clears. Standing alongside our vineyard, these old trees would have seen some changes over the years – from early settlers arriving, to a working dairy and now a premium cool climate winery.

Cool Woods Wines are produced with fruit from our Eden Valley vineyard, along with grapes sourced from other South Australian winemaking regions.

Combining our own fruit with grapes from other regions ensures that each vintage displays consistency, fantastic fruit qualities along with good varietal character and acid structure – ensuring the whites are crisp and clean, and the reds full of flavour and well balanced.


Cool Woods Wines are made to be enjoyed with family, friends and laughter!